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Airsoft Rifles

Looking for the best airsoft rifles on the market? Find the best rifle for each type:

Best AEG Rifles

Best Gas Rifles

Best Spring Rifles

Best Rifles By Price

Best Rifles By Experience

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Airsoft Snipers

Prefer a long-range, silent weapon? Find the best airsoft sniper rifles for any type:

Best AEG Snipers

Best Gas Snipers

Best Spring Snipers

Best Snipers By Price

Best Snipers By Experience

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Airsoft Pistols

Having a reliable side-arm is a must. Find the best airsoft pistol for your next game:

Best AEG Pistols

Best Gas Pistols

Best Spring Pistols

Best Pistols By Price

Best Pistols By Experience

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Airsoft Heavy Guns

Searching for something a bit more fun?

Airsoft Machine Guns

Airsoft Light Machine Guns

Airsoft Grenade Launchers

Best Airsoft Shotguns

Airsoft Guns For Beginners

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Airsoft gear & Accessories

Looking for the best airsoft gear for your next skirmish? Check our in-depth guides for each piece! Also, make sure to check maintenance guides:

Airsoft Gear Guides

Airsoft Parts Guides

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airsoft Brand Reviews

Not sure which airsoft brand or gun model to pick? Worry not, we got you covered! Check reviews for popular airsoft brands and models:

Airsoft Brand Reviews

Airsoft Gun Reviews

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Who We Are

AirsoftWhiz Team

A group of passionate players who have come together with one goal in mind – providing people with the best possible experience when it comes to this hobby we all love! Two main culprits behind this site are:

Kai Banks

Hardcore gamer and an airsoft veteran with a deep love for the outdoors. Uses this sport to combine both worlds.

Dave Bennett

Claims that he loves airsoft but uses it as an excuse to hide in the bushes and nap. Accountant in the spare time.