The Best Airsoft Shotgun Money Can Buy (14 Options Included)

Kai Banks

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Best Airsoft Shotguns

Airsoft shotguns aren’t the same as their “real-life” counterparts. Besides the amount of BBs released with a single shot, there’s no real difference in functionality between an airsoft shotgun, an airsoft pistol, or even low-powered airsoft rifles.

But they’re still useful in CQC (Close Quarter Combat).

And you don’t have to buy an airsoft gun JUST for the functionality. Wielding a pump-action shotgun around the battlefield has a different feel to it.

So let’s talk about the best airsoft shotgun money can buy.

Best Airsoft Shotguns

#1 Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Airsoft Pump Action Gas Shotgun

Best Overall
Tokyo Marui's M870 airsoft shotgun

Durable build

Satisfying pump action

Option to change firing modes


Some users reported lower FPS

Tokyo Marui’s M870 Tactical Airsoft pump action gas shotgun is the best option out there if you want something that’s as close to battling with a real shotgun.

It might not seem like a technical powerhouse. It has:

  • 350 FPS power
  • Durable polymer and metal build
  • Built-in iron sights
  • Superior rail for scopes
  • Removable 30rd shell
  • The option to fire 3, or 6 BBs per shot

The M870 shotgun is a heavyweight, and it should be the first option for anyone looking to expand their airsoft arsenal with a shotgun.

The build is durable, the pump action is satisfying, and the option for how many BBs you fire is a nice touch to emulate the experience of using a real shotgun.

But other airsoft players know this as well. This is why it might be hard to find it in stock anywhere.

#2 A&K M870 Type Full Metal 400 FPS

Affordable M870
A&K's M870


Black polymer furniture

Adjustable hop-up


Some users report problems with the magazine

A&K makes pretty good shotguns. And the M870 type Full Metal is proof of that.

It has:

  • A rugged full metal receiver and barrel
  • Black polymer furniture for a realistic and professional feel
  • High power (400 FPS)
  • Trigger safety
  • A 40 rounds magazine
  • Built-in sling adapters
  • Adjustable hop-up

All of it behind a sleek matte black finish. Not to mention, it has a similar feel to Tokyo Marui’s M870, but it’s much more affordable. If you want a shotgun but don’t want to go into your savings for it, A&K’s full metal M870 type is the best pick for you.

#3 A&K Bravo Full Metal M870 Tactical Tac Shot Airsoft Shotgun

Best Tactical look
A&K Bravo Full Metal M870 Tactical Tac Shot Airsoft Shotgun

EBR stock

Very powerful

Full-length RIS rail


Doesn’t have the spread usually associated with a shotgun

Users reported problems with the magazine

Built on the M870 platform, A&K’s Bravo stands out with its EBR (Evil Black Rifle) stock. It has a modern look to it, and the build is a technical behemoth as well.

Here’s what it boasts:

  • 40 rounds capacity
  • Power of up to 440 FPS
  • Spring-powered build
  • Full-length RIS rail for attachments and scopes
  • Integrated hop-up
  • Nylon fiber grips

And with its tac-ed-out look, you’re bound to look cool in any CQC encounter you’ll use this in. If you want to get it, you’ll find it as an Evike exclusive.


Power And Spread

3 or 6 round shots

Lengthy Picatinny top rail

Pretty powerful



Some cheap plastic parts

Users reported feeding issues

VFC’s FABARM STF 12 is an airsoft shotgun with a modern design. And it’s also a great alternative to Tokyo Marui’s M870, as it works with the same shells, and on pretty much the same tech.

Here are its main features:

  • You can change how many rounds you shoot (3 or 6 / shot)
  • Lengthy Picatinny top rail for mounting scopes
  • High-density polymer furniture and stock
  • Power of up to 360 FPS
  • 30 rounds magazine

VFC FABARM has a beautiful design and a decent build.

The problem is that it’s pretty expensive. You’ll find it online for around $400.

If that’s too much for you, there are better alternatives built on similar platforms. They’re not as flashy, sure. But unless you appreciate its design A LOT, we wouldn’t recommend whipping $400 if this is your first shotgun.

Oh and it’s out of stock a lot of times. Just a note.

#5 Golden Eagle Gas Scattergun Airsoft Shotgun

Versatile Design
JAG Scattergun Airsoft Shotgun

Customisable firing mode

Plenty of designs

Pretty affordable


Full metal = heavy gun

Some versions shipped out with issues

JAG Arms’ new Gas Scattergun is a very good pick.

If you want a high-quality platform, but you’re not sure what design you’re after yet, you might want to take a closer look at this one.

It has plenty of designs based on where you’ll use it, what you like, as well as the style of shotgun you want.

You can get the normal HD in black. Or, if you’re after a more compact sidearm, the Super CQB Tan option.

Whatever you choose, you’ll get:

  • Gas-powered build with removable tank
  • 3 or 6 BBs firing modes
  • Metal construction with polymer grips
  • Picatinny rail for optics
  • Fixed hop-up

JAG’s scattergun is adaptable, customizable, and very good-looking. Not to mention, most models come for cheaper than $200.

#6 UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Shotgun Airsoft Gun

Best For beginners
UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Shotgun Airsoft Gun

VERY affordable


Triple barrel system


Could be stronger

Not the most durable build

UTG’s multi-shot tactical combat shotgun is a modern-looking airsoft gun. It’s not a technical wonder though. Here’s what you get under the proverbial hood:

  • 3 BBs per shot
  • Triple Barrel System
  • 320 FPS of power
  • Spring-powered mechanism
  • 30 BB rounds magazine

If you’re hellbent on a powerful shotgun, UTG’s tactical airsoft shotgun might not be the best pick for you.

And although it’s pretty heavy (5 pounds – 2.2 kg), it’s not a full-metal build.

So it’s not the best shotgun money can buy. But if you want something beginner-friendly, and with a unique design, you can give it a try.

#7 Lancer Tactical CM352L Tri-Burst Long Barrel

Best long-barrel design
Lancer Tactical CM352L Tri-Burst Long Barrel

Durable build

Realistic pump-action

Triple round firing


Really long stock – not for everyone

Could do with more FPS

If you’re looking for a long-barrel design, Lancer Tactical’s CM352L is probably the best airsoft shotgun for you.

Here are its key features:

  • Full metal barrel assembly
  • Heavy-duty polymer body build
  • 3 rounds fired per shot
  • 30 rounds magazine
  • Spring-powered mechanism
  • 300 FPS power
  • Realistic pump-action
  • Folding stock makes it adaptable for close quarters, or medium-range combat

The CM352L might not be the most powerful airsoft shotgun on the market. And the lack of a rail system might drive some people away.

But as far as a long barrel build goes, it’s a decent choice.

Just keep in mind that it’s not always in stock. If you want a great alternative to it, you can get the next option below.

#8 CYMA Standard Full Metal M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell

Accurate m3 replica
Cyma's Standard airsoft shotgun

Triple shot firing

Durable build

Accurate M3 replica


Not that powerful

CYMA’s M3 is a redesign of Tokyo Marui’s M3 airsoft shotgun, with more bang for your buck. Here’s what you can expect if you buy it:

  • Durable polymer and metal build
  • Triple shot design
  • Around 300 FPS of power
  • High-power spring mechanism
  • 30 rounds magazine

CYMA is a longstanding manufacturer of airsoft guns, and the M3 shotgun redesign is just one of the examples of great and performant builds.

If you want a powerful M3 replica, CYMA’s metal build is probably one of the best options out there.

And it won’t even set you back by too much. You can get this airsoft shotgun from Evike.

#9 AGM M-500 SWAT Airsoft CQB Training Weapon Shotgun

Best Price
AGM's M500

VERY affordable

Decent power for the price

Adjustable hop-up


Single firing mode

Single firing mode

No adjustable stock

If you want a functional airsoft shotgun for under $50, look no further. AGM’s SUPER affordable CQB airsoft shotgun is probably the best airsoft shotgun you can get on a budget.

Here are its key features:

  • Around 350 FPS of power – really good for the price tag
  • Metal sink and internal parts
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • Spring-powered

Granted, this isn’t a technical masterpiece. No rails for adjustments or scopes, a single firing mode, no adjustable stock – we could list its shortcomings and it’d be a while until we have nothing to say.

But keep it real here – you’re only paying $40 for it. Just the 350 FPS are reasons enough to give it a go.

If you want the best airsoft shotgun and you’re on a budget, there’s probably no better option out there.

#10 CYMA Sport Tactical M3 Super 90 3-Round Burst

Customizable Design
Cyma's Sport Airsoft Shotgun

Triple fire system

Adjustable stock

Full metal receiver


Some users complain about the (fixed) hop-up

Spread is better with heavier BBs

Tactical airsoft shotguns hardly get more stylish than this. CYMA’s sport tactical M3 is an ‘roided up version of its standard M3. It comes with all the extra options and design choices you’d expect from a gun of its caliber.

These are the key features of CYMA’s sport M3:

  • Full metal receiver
  • Adjustable stock
  • M1913 Picatinny rails for scopes
  • Triple fire design
  • High-power spring mechanism
  • Grip rail for extra attachments

If you want a customizable shotgun with a unique design, this is probably the best airsoft shotgun for you. It’s perfect in close-quarter scenarios, but it’s also a reliable sidearm for most scenarios.

#11 ASG Franchi SAS 12 3-Shot Burst Airsoft Shotgun

Short and compact design
ASG Franchi Airsoft Shotgun

Short and compact design

Triple shot firing

Very affordable


Not too powerful

Inconsistent spread

If you want a short airsoft shotgun, and you don’t want to exhaust your savings, ASG Franchi’s SAS is a pretty nice choice. It’s dirt cheap, but that doesn’t mean it’s unreliable.

Here are its key features:

  • Short and compact design
  • Triple-shot firing mode
  • Full metal barrel
  • Built-in sling loops
  • 240-260 FPS power
  • 30 rounds magazine (4 shells included in the pack)
  • Very affordable

As you can see, there are stronger airsoft shotguns on the market. But for an affordable, fit-for-CQB option, ASG Franchi’s SAS 12 is a good choice.

#12 Double Eagle SPAS M63 Airsoft Tri-Shot Pump Action Shotgun

Affordable And powerful
Double Eagle's SPAS Airsoft Shotgun

Powerful for the price

Compact design

Tri-rounds firing mode


Little room for attachments

Not the best materials

Double Eagle’s SPAS M63 is another fantastic choice if you want an affordable, compact shotgun. And it’s even stronger than ASG Franchi’s SAS 12.

Here are its key features:

  • 300 – 350 FPS
  • 30 rounds magazine capacity
  • Three rounds fired for each shot
  • 1:1 scale replica
  • Compact design
  • Compatible with most common shotgun shells

If you’re picky about your first shotgun, you might want a different entry from our list.

But Deagle’s SPAS M63 is probably the best airsoft shotgun if you want a powerful, but still compact and affordable sidearm.

And you can get it for around $50 from Evike.

#13 KJW Mad Max Full Metal / Real Wood Airsoft Double Barrel Gas Shotgun

Best Feeling
KJW's Mad Max Double Barrel Airsoft Shotgun

Unique design and feel

Very powerful

Real wood furniture


Only two shots per load

Expensive replacements

If you’re after a Mad Max post-apocalyptic feel, you can’t go wrong with this beauty from KJW.

It has a unique design, with a full metal/real wood build that fits the two-barrel platform extremely well.

And if we’re to talk about the tech behind it, this is a pretty decent airsoft shotgun.

Here are its main features:

  • Metal barrel and frame
  • Durable, real-wood furniture
  • 430-500 FPS power
  • Gas-powered system
  • Two 6 rounds shells
  • Fixed iron sights

The only real downside to this shotgun is the limited magazine capacity. But even that contributes to the Mad Max feel, in my opinion.

Granted, it won’t come as cheap as some of the other small shotguns on this list.

But if you like its unique design, it’s worth the price tag.

#14 APS CAM870 Shell Ejecting Tactical Pump Action Gas Airsoft MKII Shotgun

Realistic operation
APS's CAM870 Airsoft Shotgun

Unique shell-ejecting mechanism

Adjustable firing

Realistic operation


Not that powerful

Very expensive

If you want to replicate the feel of using a shotgun in an airsoft skirmish, take a closer look at APS’ CAM870 shell ejecting tactical airsoft shotgun.

While most airsoft shotguns limit themselves to emulating the pump-action mechanism of real shotguns, this airsoft gun also has a shell ejecting system, to really make you feel like you’re wielding a shotgun on the battlefield.

Its technical details could be better:

  • Only 280 FPS of power
  • A brand new, optimized gas-powered mechanism inside the shells
  • Customizable amount of rounds in a shell
  • Realistic shell-ejection and pump-action
  • Durable nylon and metal build
  • Bead sights
  • Can fire as many as 12 BBs per shot

If you’re after realism, APS’ CAM870 MKII is the best airsoft shotgun for you.

It’s not too powerful. It’s really expensive. And it might be out of stock since a lot of people are after it.

But if you have the budget for it, and you can find it online, it’s a really solid choice.

How To Pick The Best Airsoft Shotgun For You

Airsoft shotguns are a far cry from the real deal. More so than all other types of airsoft guns. And that’s because very few airsoft shotguns can actually fire BBs in a similar manner to shotgun pellets. Few of them have a realistic pump-action system, and even fewer of them feature shell ejection.

The biggest difference though?

They’re not particularly better in close-quarter encounters. If you get a 300 FPS shotgun, and a 300 FPS rifle, they’ll offer pretty much the same firing experience.

So how can you make sure your airsoft shotgun offers an accurate battle experience?

Here are the most important characteristics to consider about an airsoft shotgun:

  • Look for at least a tri-rounds firing. It’s as close to the real thing as possible. Airsoft shotguns that fire a single BB at a time are just rifles with a facelift.
  • Power. If you want a strong airsoft shotgun, you should look for something with at least 300-350 FPS.
  • Design. From modern-tactical platforms to unique designs like KJW’s Mad Max-inspired double-barrel, airsoft shotguns have a lot of styles to choose from.
  • Firing mechanism. Most airsoft shotguns either use spring or gas-powered firing mechanisms.
  • Rails and room for attachments. Tactical airsoft shotgun designs may feature rails for scopes or other attachments.

In Conclusion

If you want to expand your airsoft arsenal with a shotgun, Tokyo Marui’s M870 is probably your best bet. Its mid-range price and power, as well as great design, make it an ideal choice.

The same M870 platform spawned a lot of equally good alternatives.

And if you’re after something with a unique design, Lancer Tactical’s long barrel, or the KJW Mad Max are both good choices.

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