The Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Money Can Buy In 2022

Kai Banks
best airsoft sniper

Airsoft sniper rifles aren’t too different from regular airsoft rifles. Compared to their real-life counterparts, airsoft snipers won’t offer you as much distance from your target.

It’s all because of power – even the best airsoft sniper rifle can’t have the power to send a BB hundreds (or even thousands) of feet away.

That said, a good airsoft sniper set-up can give you some distance.

And it will undeniably make you feel cool.

Best Airsoft sniper Rifles

So let’s round up the best airsoft sniper rifles you can get.

#1 Desert Tech HTI Bolt Action Bullpup Sniper Rifle

Best Overall
Desert Tech - the best airsoft sniper rifle

Unique bullpup configuration

Adjustable cheek riser



Very expensive

It was tough to settle on a #1 position for this list.

All airsoft sniper rifles have pretty clear advantages and disadvantages. For example, Desert Tech’s HTI bolt action airsoft sniper is very expensive.

However, it takes our top spot thanks to a few unique characteristics:

  • Durable polymer receiver
  • Unique bullpup configuration to change its size
  • Adjustable cheek riser to fit different sizes
  • Two-side adjustable hop-up
  • Realistic pull bolt system
  • 400 FPS of power
  • 30 rounds magazine

It’s definitely not right for everyone though. The barrier of entry is pretty high. So if you need more affordable alternatives, keep reading.

#2 Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec Airsoft Sniper Rifle with Mock Suppressor

Most Silent
Tokyo Marui's VSR 10

Durable build

Mock suppressor included

Quiet right out of the box


Only 290 FPS

No attachments included

The VSR-10 is a top-rated platform for airsoft sniper rifles. And not without reason. It’s qualitative, and it fits nicely in your hands.

You’ll see it in other entries on this list.

But for now, let’s talk about our pick. The Tokyo Marui VSR-10 has:

  • High-strength polymer receiver
  • Durable aluminum & metal assembly
  • 20 mm rail for optics
  • 30 rounds magazine
  • Mock suppressor included
  • 290 FPS

As you may have guessed, the 290 feets per second isn’t ideal for a sniper rifle. But reviews report that it’s actually good enough, and this VSR-10 is ready to go right out of the box.

We would like some attachments in the box as well. But still, the great build and reliable metal assembly make it worth the money.

Not to mention, it’s really silent. If you want to move around the battlefield like a ghost, it’s probably the pick for you.

#3 WELL L96 Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifle

Ready From The box

Durable build

Cool look

Bi-pod and scope included


Not as strong as possible

Not full-metal

Somehow still very heavy

The Well L96 airsoft sniper rifle might not be the perfect choice for everyone. It’s not extremely strong.

Not to mention, it’s spring-based, so you won’t be able to convert it to HPA if you get serious about your sniper action.

But it’s still one of the best airsoft sniper rifles, thanks to its durable build and great package.

To make the most out of a sniper rifle, you’ll probably need to mod it heavily or get a ton of attachments. The great thing about this Well L96 is that it’s ready to go out of the box.

It comes with a bipod and a scope, so you can take it to the field right away.

#4 WinGun Mosin-Nagant M44 CO2 Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle

Accurate Replica
Wingun's mosing nagant replica

Very powerful

Accurate replica



No attachments included

Limited room for attachments

No simulated blowback

If you’re looking for an accurate historical replica, the WinGun Mosin-Nagant M44 is the best airsoft sniper rifle for you.

It’s a mighty airsoft rifle with 480 FPS of power. That’s enough to get your BBs as far as they can physically go.

It’s CO2 based, so you can mod its power mechanism.

And while the 12 rounds magazine might be a drawback for some people, in our book that’s extra points for accuracy.

So what about the downsides?

The biggest cons of this rifle are its attachments. Or lack thereof. If you want to use it as an airsoft sniper, you’ll need to spend extra money on a scope, bipod, and even sling.

Even if you get them – the WinGun Mosing Nagant M44 has little room for attachments.

So this is a good rifle if you want a historical replica, but not our first choice for the best airsoft sniper rifle.

#5 JG VSR-10 / BAR-10 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle with Metal Trigger Box

Lightest Option
JG's VSR10


Simple design



Slam fires sometimes after being used for a long time

No attachments

JG’s VSR-10 is the best airsoft sniper rifle if you want a light, simple, but still powerful gun.

This gun has a durable polymer stock & rubber pad, adjustable hop-up, brass cylinder head, and a 20 mm Weaver rail for your attachments.

Its biggest perk, though? How lightweight it is. This gun only weighs around 5 lbs (2.2kg), so you won’t get tired on the battlefield as easily.

It’s not a perfect package, though.

Some users report that it slam-fires sometimes after long-term use. And the basic, affordable package from Evike doesn’t contain attachments.

But these are both easy to overcome. You can upgrade some parts to stop it from slam-firing, and you can get the slightly more expensive version that comes with a bipod and scope.

#6 AGM M14 Full Size Airsoft Spring Powered Sniper Rifle

Most Affordable
AGM's M14

VERY affordable

Railed hand guard

Metal barrel


Pretty weak (270 FPS)

The AGM M14 is not the best airsoft sniper rifle.

Right off the bat, 270 FPS is WAY TOO weak to make it usable as an actual sniper on the battlefield.

It won’t go much further than 70-100 feet. And even at that max distance, you’ll lose a lot of accuracy and power.

Keep in mind that the average AEG has around 400 FPS.

With almost half that power… you won’t get far.

BUT, the AGM M14 has something else going for it. It’s very cheap. At the time of writing, it was $62 on Evike.

So for under $100… you’re getting a functional, decent airsoft gun. That’s a good deal. Especially if you’re new to the scene and just want the feel of a sniper rifle, not necessarily the usability of one.

#7 AMOEBA “Striker” S1 Gen2 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle 

Most customizable
Amoeba's Striker sniper rifle

Powerful sniper rifle




People reported problems with its hop-up system

Doesn’t come with attachments

The AMOEBA Striker S1 Gen2 is a powerful spring-based sniper rifle.

Another great thing about this rifle is its high-capacity magazine: 55 rounds are more than your average airsoft sniper, but still low enough to simulate the experience of using a real-life sniper.

And if you’re a veteran in the airsoft world, you’ll be happy to know the AMOEBA Striker is compatible with loads of customizations and upgrades. For example, it’s compatible with AEG springs.

It’s also a mighty sniper rifle, thanks to its 400 FPS power.

It would be a complete package with some more attachments in the box. But it’s still a good deal.

#8 6mmProShop Barrett Licensed M107A1

Hi-Cap Magazine
6mm's Barrett licensed

Very powerful

Bipod included

High capacity magazine


Pretty pricey

Big and heavy – not for everyone

6mm ProShop has found a lot of success with their Barrett licensed airsoft sniper rifles.

And this second generation, with a launch date in November 2022, is bound to keep it going.

Here’s what you get for this M107A1:

  • Powerful shots in the 410-440 FPS range
  • Hi-Capacity 500 rounds magazine
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • Spring-powered bolt action
  • Steel bipod in the package

The long 29 inches (73 cm) barrel might not be the perfect fit for everyone.

But it’s accurate to the real-life weapon it’s replicating.

And it’s a sick look on the battlefield.

#9 CL Project 1022 Airsoft Gas Blowback Sniper Rifle

Best premium choice
CL Project's premium sniper

Stunning wood stock

High-quality build

Pretty powerful


VERY expensive

Not the right look for everyone

If money isn’t an issue, and you want something unique to take with you to the airsoft field, you can give CL Project’s 1022 sniper rifle a closer look.

So what can justify its high price point?

Here are 1022’s main features:

  • 400 FPS power, 30 rounds magazine
  • High-quality aluminum upper receiver, outer handle, and cocking handle
  • Stunning custom wooden stock
  • Adjustable hop-up set, made form the same high-quality aluminum
  • Efficient and robust gas system

It’s not the right gun for everyone. But if you can afford it, check it out.

#10 Shadow Op MB01 Type96 MK96 APS-2 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

Best Power
Shadow Op's MB01 airsoft sniper rifle

Powerful rifle (up to 450 FPS)

Spring-powered bolt action

Heavy duty build


Usually out of stock

Some users complain about wobbly rail

Shadow Op’s Type 96 is another popular bolt-action airsoft sniper rifle, but it’s lower on our list because it’s rarely in stock.

Still, if you can find it, you’ll get a pretty decent gun, complete with:

  • Heavy-duty barrel and bolt assembly
  • Durable polymer stock
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • Top rail and bipod support
  • Powerful 400-450 FPS
  • Spring-powered bolt action

Shadow Op’s MB01 Type96 is sleek, powerful, and easily customizable. So if you can get your hands on it, it’s worth the money.

#11 6mmProShop Full Metal “Evil Black Rifle” M14 EBR Enhanced Airsoft AEG Rifle

Most Versatile
6mm's EBR AEG

EBR platform

Versatile airsoft rifle

Pretty powerful


Not a sniper rifle through and through

Pretty heavy

If you like the EBR (Evil Black Rifle) look, and you also want a versatile rifle that you can also use as a sniper, Pro Shop’s M14 is probably the best pick for you.

It’s not the same as all the other entries on this list.

Mainly because it’s an AEG – not an airsoft sniper rifle.

Yup, this gun actually has a full auto firing mode. So it’s not the best pick if you want to emulate the feeling of being a sniper.

But it is a versatile AEG, and thanks to its high power and attachment support, you can use it as a sniper.

So if you want an all-in-one option, give it a closer look.

How To Find The Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle For You

As I said in the beginning, airsoft sniper rifles can’t 100% emulate the feeling of using the real thing. In the best-case scenario, you’ll get an extra 30-60 feet over your opponents.

Keep this in mind when you’re looking for an airsoft sniper.

Don’t expect it to drastically change your games.

If you understand that, and you’re still looking for a sniper rifle, here are the most important things to keep in mind:

Look for powerful airsoft guns

FPS (Feets Per Second) determines how fast a BB shot from a gun will go.

For a sniper rifle, you’d want something that’s around 350-400 FPS or higher. Anything between 250-350 can work, even if not as well.

But anything below that won’t fire strong enough.

If the BB can’t go fast, it won’t go too far either. And at that point, you’re just left with a single-fire gun that has a small magazine.

But keep in mind: most fields have rules in place capping FPS at 500. So while something above that could be helpful, you probably won’t get to use the weapon.

Spring or Gas Powered?

spring system

Airsoft sniper rifles aren’t electric guns. The AEG model doesn’t really fit a sniper replica. If you want to emulate bolt action and even the blowback of powerful sniper rifles, you need a gun based on a spring or gas system.

So which one should you pick?

Honestly, it’s a matter of preference.

Gas-powered rifles are usually more powerful and compatible with important upgrades.

But spring-powered rifles have their own suite of upgrades. And they won’t ever be affected by external factors like the weather.

Adjustable hop-up Is the way to go

BBs are much smaller and lighter than a real-life bullet. And that’s why airsoft guns have a hop-up. That basically means that when you fire it, the gun makes the BB go up slightly instead of straight ahead.

You’ll get more range out of your airsoft gun with a good hop-up.

So if you get an adjustable hop-up, you even get to customize your individual shots based on distance from the target. This makes the experience much more accurate to firing a real sniper rifle.

Budget and attachments

At the end of the day, the best airsoft sniper rifle is the one that fits your individual budget and needs. So if something’s strong enough, it looks like a sniper rifle, and you can afford it, go wild!

This is especially important for airsoft sniper rifles.

Attachments make or break the experience of using an airsoft sniper.

And if they’re not included in the pack, you’ll need to spend more (sometimes quite a lot) to get the scopes and pods you need.

So factor that in when you consider your budget.


With a serious investment, airsoft sniper rifles can offer a different experience on the airsoft field.

If you’re after that, you should definitely pick one of the options on our list.

And if you don’t want to browse snipers for hours, the Desert Tech HTI Bolt Action Bullpup Sniper Rifle is a good choice.

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